Choreography Classes

Be part of a one or more of our dynamic performance teams and take to the stage at multiple events and latin dance festivals this year.   

A personal invitation from our
​talented instructors
Some wonderful memories from
​last year's Salsa team. 

Our 2019 Team Choreography Courses


What you will learn

You will discover choreography training is a great way to improve technique, develop as a dancer, fast track your dance ability, be challenged by steps and movements you won’t find in normal classes, improve memory PLUS confidence, oh the confidence! Choreography training will transfer into your social dancing as it allows you to explore your body more thoroughly and push you to take chances PLUS the comradery that is developed when training as a group enriches the heart and mind.

Performance Goals

There are 3 major performance opportunities

Further minor performances opportunities for this choreography are also available.


  • All team members must also attend the class of that dance style to teach you the movements and style to support your performance.
  • Costume and dance shoes (to be purchased separately - see terms and conditions)

Course Fees

Discounts are offered on multiple choreography courses with further discounts for our School/Uni Students/Dancers 55+ and Unlimited Members.


We'd love you to join us and enjoy the experience of training together, challenging yourself, and best of all performing some incredible dances created by our talented teachers!
This year is waiting for you to dance your way to the spotlight!
Register today by completing our online form and we'll see you in class.